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Rayures dans la mer, tâches dans la savane : atelier créatif de Laura Mertz
Samedi 29 février du 15h au 17h
Atelier créatif + goûter à Coutume (12€)

Quentin Garel

exposition photo

MuséOthérapie, l’Art de se sentir bien !
Conférence Samedi 8 février à 15h :
« Art détox »
Estelle d’Almeida, chef de pr...

Ariane Loze - Une et la même

Fabien Tabur présente Buisson Ardent

ERWIN WURM Photographs


antoine poupel
GROUP SHOW : 1970-1990, Regards sur la création havraise

Jusqu’au 22 février 2020

vladimir skoda
GROUP SHOW : L’œil et la nuit

elissa marchal
SOLO SHOW : Horizons


The Muses Project – A Dialogue Between Art and Science

Press Release

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The A. G. Leventis Foundation Scholars Association of Greece in collaboration with the House of Cyprus - Cultural Office of the Embassy of Cyprus in Greece present the exhibition The Muses Project - A Dialogue between Art and Science, which is based on a proposal by Megakles Rogakos for 9 curators and 27 artists.

The opening of the exhibition will be held on Wednesday, 8 February 2017, at 20:00 at the House of Cyprus, 2A Xenofontos Street, Syntagma Square, Athens. The exhibition will remain open to the public until 10 March 2017.

Reflecting their prehistoric heyday, the nine muses have remained connected with their traditional objects. As the arts and sciences have evolved through the centuries, the muses have become emblematic of man’s general ability to study and investigate. Therefore, The Muses Project is inspired by their ancient variety to bring the visual arts into fruitful dialogue with the following nine fields of scientific study, in the order in which these deities appear in the Sarcophagus of the Muses (c. 125) of the Louvre Museum - Clio, muse of history with physics / chemistry; Thalia, muse of comedy with sociology / gender studies; Erato, muse of lyric poetry with computer science; Euterpe, muse of music with geometry / mathematics; Polyhymnia, muse of hymns with biology / medicine; Calliope, muse of epic poetry with economic & political science; Terpsichore, muse of dance and chorus with geography / geology; Urania, muse of astronomy and astrology with astronomy; and Melpomene, muse of tragedy with anthropology / ethnic studies.

In the context of the exhibition Dr Rogakos supervises 9 curators and 27 artists. In response to the A. G. Leventis Foundation Scholars Association of Greece’s mission, the exhibition fosters communication among its scholars and strengthens their common scientific, professional and social interests.
In line with the rationale of the exhibition, each of the 9 curators assumed the responsibility of illuminating a different science with 3 different artists of his or her choice - Christiana Kazakou physics / chemistry with Yiannis Kranidiotis, Yiannis Melanitis and George Tserionis; Constantinos V. Proimos sociology / gender studies with George Anastasakis, Lamprini Boviatsou and Petros Xenakis; Thanasis Moutsopoulos computer science with Nefeli Dimitriadi, Manthos Santorineos and Costis; Lina Tsikouta geometry / maths with Vasso Gavaisse, Nikos Makarounas and Angelos Skourtis; Alexios Pazacharias biology / medicine with Apostolos Karastergiou, Charalambos Kourkoulis and Paola Palavidi; Louisa Karapidaki economic & political science with Yiannis Adamakis, Elena Papadimitriou and Eleni Tzatzalos; Bia Papadopoulou geography / geology with Ersi Venetsanou, Kostas Vrouvas and Ersi Hatziargyrou; Ioannis N. Archontakis astronomy with Alexandros Dimitriadis, Antonia Papatzanaki and Dimitris Tragas; and George Bourogiannis anthropology / ethnic studies with Andreas Kontonis, Nora Okka and Christina Sgouromyti.

The Muses Project provides an opportunity to explore the relationship of art and science, as seen by contemporary artists. The exhibition celebrates the need for interdisciplinary cooperation and dialogue today.The exhibition catalogue, designed by the Design Bond studio, fully illustrates the 27 works and includes an introduction by the supervisor and comment on each work by the respective curators. Considering its appeal to a wide readership, the text in the catalogue is in two languages – Greek and English.


Public Information

Venue: House of Cyprus - Cultural Office of the Embassy of Cyprus in Greece.
Address: 2A Xenofontos Street, Syntagma Square, Athens, GR 10557.
Opening: Wednesday 8 February 2017, at 20:00 until 22:30.
Exhibition Duration: 9 February through 10 March 2017.
Opening Hours: Monday and Wednesday 10:00 - 18:00; Tuesday, Thursday, Friday 10:00 - 15:00.
Communication Officer: Maria Ragia, Cultural Officer.
Exhibition Announcement Website: www.spititiskyprou.gr/nea-anakinosis/.

Organization: A. G. Leventis Foundation Scholars Association of Greece.
9 Fragokklisias Street, Maroussi, GR 15125
+30 210 6165 207, info@leventis-scholars.gr / www.leventis-scholars.gr

House of Cyprus - Cultural Office of the Embassy of Cyprus in Greece
Odos Xenofontos 2A, Syntagma Square, Athens, GR 10557
+30 210 3734 934, spiticy@otenet.gr / www.spititiskyprou.gr

  Richard Streitmatter-Tran

Christophe Cartier au Musée Paul Delouvrier
du 6 au 28 Octobre 2012
Peintures 2007 - 2012
Auteurs: Estelle Pagès et Jean-Luc Chalumeau

Christophe Cartier / Gisèle Didi
D'une main peindre...
Préface de Jean-Pierre Maurel

Christophe Cartier

"Rêves, ou c'est la mort qui vient"
édité aux éditions du manuscrit.com