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Rayures dans la mer, tâches dans la savane : atelier créatif de Laura Mertz
Samedi 29 février du 15h au 17h
Atelier créatif + goûter à Coutume (12€)

Quentin Garel

exposition photo

MuséOthérapie, l’Art de se sentir bien !
Conférence Samedi 8 février à 15h :
« Art détox »
Estelle d’Almeida, chef de pr...

Ariane Loze - Une et la même

Fabien Tabur présente Buisson Ardent

ERWIN WURM Photographs


antoine poupel
GROUP SHOW : 1970-1990, Regards sur la création havraise

Jusqu’au 22 février 2020

vladimir skoda
GROUP SHOW : L’œil et la nuit

elissa marchal
SOLO SHOW : Horizons


Corfu Festival for the Bicentenary
of the Order of St Michael and St George 1818 – 2018

by Megakles Rogakos
MEGAKLES ROGAKOS M.A., M.A. PhD | Art Historian & Exhibition Curator

 Megakles Rogakos

CORFU.- As it is well known, George IV, as Prince Regent of the United Kingdom, founded the Order of St Michael and St George in Corfu and in Malta on 28 April 1818, two hundred years ago. This forms part of Corfu’s history and belongs to its heritage. In fact, the history of the Order begins with the visions of Sir Thomas Maitland (1760-1824), Lord High Commissioner of the Ionian Islands and Governor of Malta after the Napoleonic Wars.

Count Spiro Flamburiari, Chairman of the Corfu Heritage Foundation, has had the inspiration to honour the bicentenary of the Order this year with a Festival aiming to boost British-Hellenic relations in Corfu. His whole life has been devoted to the promotion of the island and its prosperity, and to highlight the significance of its heritage.

The Festival takes place under the auspices of the British Embassy Athens, the Hellenic Republic’s Ministries of Culture and Tourism, and the Municipality of Corfu. Events – including 5 lectures, 2 brass band concerts, 3 visual art exhibitions and 1 cricket match – will take place between 7 July and 30 September 2018.

Events celebrating the Bicentenary of the Order of St Michael and St George in Corfu in 2018

Lectures at the Corfu Reading Society

3 August – Mr Derek Johns,  “Romanticism – A Brief Introduction”.
6 August – HE Ms Kate Smith CMG, “British-Hellenic Friendship”.
24 August – Ms Helena Matheopoulos, “Music in 1818”.
28 August – Sir Efthimios E. Mitropoulos KCMG, “The Order of St Michael and St George”.
4 September – Mr Nicholas Parsons CBE, “Edward Lear – Artist ∙ Poet ∙ Wanderer”.

Music by the Mantzaros Philharmonic Society curated by Mr Robert A. Christoforides

5 August – Mr Socrates Anthis will direct the Wind Band at the Esplanade’s Band Stand.
7 September – Mr Socrates Anthis will direct the Wind Band at the Old Fortress.

Exhibitions at the Ionian Academy curated by Dr Megakles Rogakos

7 –> 29 July – “Prossalendi’s Britannia” – Historical Perspective.
2 –> 26 August“Romanticism in Corfu”.
1 –> 29 September – “Prossalendi’s Britannia” – Contemporary Perspective.

Cricket Matches organised by Sir Simon Orr-Ewing Bt and Mr Nikos Louvros

13 May – Matches between the Lost Marbles and the Atlas CC Corfu Cricket Team.



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   Megakles Rogakos

Christophe Cartier au Musée Paul Delouvrier
du 6 au 28 Octobre 2012
Peintures 2007 - 2012
Auteurs: Estelle Pagès et Jean-Luc Chalumeau

Christophe Cartier / Gisèle Didi
D'une main peindre...
Préface de Jean-Pierre Maurel

Christophe Cartier

"Rêves, ou c'est la mort qui vient"
édité aux éditions du manuscrit.com