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ID : 148
N°Verso : 100
L'artiste du mois : Najia Mehadji
Titre : News from infinity
Auteur(s) : by Rémi Labrusse
Date : 20/02/2017

News from infinity
by Rémi Labrusse

The uncontrollable joy that results, this is what is manifested by Najia Mehadji’s big paintings: born sometimes of a violent reaction to the world – revolt in the face of the civil massacres in Bosnia or Palestine, the grief of personal loss –, they dissolve this initial reaction in the acid of an inner, unpredictable necessity. Suddenly, she throws herself obsessively into a given form (or rather into a certain type of technique) – domes, flowers, palms, drapes, etc. – then, no less suddenly, she pulls out and goes elsewhere, marking the end of a series and the start of another one. There can be no calculation directing the path of this decorative life that winds through colours and shapes; like any decorative art, what governs it does not belong to the objective world but to the world of subjective interiority; indefatigable, without reason, it brings up the infinite depth that is in us all as living bodies and disperses it on the surface of things.


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